Kimmi loves to talk about clay. Blah blah blah.  She surfs a lot. She blabs a lot.  She should get back to work and stop blabbing.


Black Mountain Glazing Experiments, 10/17

Black mountain glazing testing going on. (Super dark manganese clay at cone 10 reduction). Compare wimpiness of thin slip coat in 2nd image to opaque coat (3 slip coats) in test 4. All other tests went straight to garbage. In order:

  1. Blue Celadon (celadon type glaze with trace of robin's egg mason stain.
  2. 1 thin coat white slip rectangle on green, white underglaze on bisque, fired to cone 5
  3.  2 coats of Shino
  4. white slip (thick) on greenware, + white salt on bisque, black glaze over
  5. with white engobe on bisque and soda-fired towards middle of kiln.
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