We are sisters who do clay work, Kimmi, Massa, Koko. Great to be sisters but also happy to be different.  Some say they can tell our work apart in one glance (see all work)

Left, Massa (isn't hers the best?), middle Koko, right, Kimmi 

Image above, battle description:  Make a porcelain mishima cylinder.  No one followed the rules so no one won. (items shown previously sold.)

We like our pottery to feel ordinary and real, and it's so great when someone reports back they use it everydaySome work is simple and quiet, some louder, some feels like it came out of the ground like a potato.  Really appreciate it when people stop to pick pieces up, handle them, and feel what it's all about. 

In case you were wondering, we all have other part-time jobs, share the same studio, and have always made stuff, sometimes clay, sometimes other materials. By the end of 2019 one or two of us will be working in clay full time. 


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Koko makes a big mess all the time, and makes sooo much work we don't know what to do with it.  And her glazing... hmm... her glazing.  One day when loading for bisque, I drilled holes in half her cups. Less waste. At least they're planters now.

Was she mad about the holes... she doesn't leave time for anger, so, no, she didn't make any note of the holes.  Also it's good she joined up to make a studio of 3. What would we do without her. The number 3 has stability. 2 can easily fall flat. It's the theory of 2 dragging each other down. But if 2 fail, the third helps pick them up. Then we laugh it off, get up, and keep going. Also, more competition, so many more ideas. I won't bother you with the math.

Ahh, and Koko's planters in this image happen to have all been sold.

-- Massa


People like sets. In fact my sisters and I are a set, but at the same time not at all a set. I personally have also tried to make a set of pottery. I find this very difficult.  Even when I really try, it doesn't  feel like a set. Right now I'm working on "yo-yo" bowls. I would show you a photo but I cannot because this set of 3 sold the same day. In fact, that was the closest I ever came to making a set. 

Here is an image of another almost set I made recently. These are double yo-yo bowls:

 They look okay in the photo, but trust me, they don't really match. By the way, "yo-yo" is how I figure out how much clay to use. Throwing off the hump, these bowls took two yo-yo's worth of clay.


If you would like to see more of our ordinary work, you can see it on the anyware page.




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