reclaimed clay, stoneware, iron-glaze teapot. wheelthrown

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Collection: Believing in Shirley

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The print may be requested through @theresgill.

This collection features a beautiful @theresgill print.  This is Shirley Chisholm during her 1972 presidential campaign slogan: "Bring U.S. together." 

Please note: this will be a custom order as the original pieces have been sold. Custom teapot orders take 8-10 weeks.

This collection includes:

  • 1 wall piece, illustration print on paper
  • 1 stoneware cobalt-glazed soda-fired vase 
  • 1 reclaimed stoneware iron-glazed teapot
  • 2 reclaimed stoneware iron-glazed cups


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Wall art by Gillian Dreher IG:theresgill
Vase by Koko
Teapot by Kimmi
Teacups by Massa



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