Sisters Ceramics signature cobalt glazed vase, teapot, jar. and soda-fired

Sisters Ceramics

Collection: Cobalt Objects

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This cobalt collection rests on a dado jointed pedestal, and is accompanied by a wall piece by Kate Rhoades. The use of the painting, monkey, and wooden box in this collection has not been authorized. If you are interested in purchasing this collection tout entière a request for re-sale will be submitted, or the artist can be requested to produce a similar or dissimilar piece.  

This collection includes:

    • 1 wall piece, oil on canvas board
    • 1 stoneware cobalt-glazed soda-fired vase 
    • 1 reclaimed stoneware cobalt-glazed soda-fired teapot
    • 1 reclaimed stoneware cobalt-glazed soda-fired jar
    • 1 stuffed monkey
    • 1 wooden box
    • 1 wooden pedestal

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Vase by Massa
Teapot, jar, and pedestal by Kimmi
Wall art by Kate
Wooden box borrowed from Free Oakland Up
Display design by ElisaLu.



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