Collection: Super White

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Collection: Super White

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This white on white collection sits on a broken brick from the original Richmond Brick Company of Richmond California. The brickyard and most of its lucky employees are now dust. Unlike them the Jurassic shale that formed the bricks can be seen to this day. 

The wall piece is a prototype piece from Nadja Eulee Battersby. Its use in this collection has not been authorized. If you are interested in purchasing this collection tout entière a request for re-sale will be submitted, or the artist can be requested to produce a similar or dissimilar piece.  Am I kidding? Not at all. The artist is known for her resilience and flexibility. 

This collection includes:

  • wall piece
  • 1 stoneware reduction-fired vase with Neph-sy glaze
  • 1 porcelain reduction-fired vase with the same Neph-sy glaze
  • 1 broken brick
  • 1 branch

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Vases by Massa.
Wall art by Nadja
Bricks by Richmond Brick Company
Display design by ElisaLu.



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